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Enjoy The Great Outdoors

by Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else

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Sara Lown
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Sara Lown Spencer Radcliffe is an artist who gets better with every song he releases. Even as good as his old shit is, this has to be his best piece of music. It's incredible. Favorite track: Flag.
put in the name for your bandcamp
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put in the name for your bandcamp mr. radcliffe is honestly just a king of his craft. more than that even, an overstuffed bundle of creativity bursting at the seams. no gimmicks, no over-the-top presence or persona - just pure style, a pure love for music. ‘enjoy the great outdoors’ is a full ode to joy and a lovely, cozy, campy album that makes you feel just like you’re in a campsite, right next to then by the fire, as they do a little jam session for the whole forest to be washed over with. extremely nice, and perhaps THE ABSOLUTE BEST album of 2017 (and maybe for a while!!) Favorite track: Smoker's Paradise.
Cody Graham
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Cody Graham spencer radcliffe is so important to my life. every project he puts effort into turns into gold. 'enjoy the great outdoors' is spencer evolving as a musician & a person. it's wonderful & will make you feel things. & shouts out to EE, y'all are doing great. Favorite track: Trust.
Callum McCartney
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Callum McCartney Enjoy The Great Outdoors is a brilliant album. The sense of companionship and comfort that Spencer and his band convey in the record is something that I haven't heard since Adam and Naive dropped Summer in the Storm Cellar years ago and I love it. Favorite track: Long Con.
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Performed by Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else

Everyone Else appears as:

Ben Austin- Cello
Brennan Zwieg- Rhodes Piano
Grant Engstrom- Lead Guitar
Jack Schemenauer- Drums, Harmonica
Nathan Dragon- Bass, keyboards
TIna Scarpello- Vocals

Produced and Engineered by SR
Mastered by Bob Weston
Photography by Tabor Wordelman


released May 12, 2017


all rights reserved



Spencer Radcliffe Ohio

& Everyone Else

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Track Name: Land & Sea
Woke up to the sound of someone coughing then it stopped so I opted to doze off and when I slept again I dreamt of the sea- an endless wall of salty air blowing into me

Woke again already reaching for a water glass, when we’ve got the time we really ought to make it back to see the things theres still left to see- a million unknown people in the land of the free

They say the road is always open cause the world it seems is never sleeping all at once, some people keep the dream alive while walking out on the street- a temporary shelter for a little retreat

It takes them straight from the land into the sea
Track Name: Smoker's Paradise
Prisoners on the left, jokers on the right
You used to sleep in on weekdays now when you leave you turn on a light but its okay, everybody takes the flight someday

Now I walk the dog all day, keep shooting the moon all night
You used to sleepwalk on Sundays dreaming about a smoker’s paradise but its okay, everybody wastes the time some way, let it waste away

I came to smoke my cares away
Track Name: Breezy
We’ve got the ration right and come out mostly at night and, yes, theres always a light left on for someone who’s staying up

Above it all like the cops, it starts to rain then it stops
The wind is testing my trust, a gust is shaking the walls, this breeze is busting my chops

Keep making the sound
Keep blowing my hat around
I know the wind don’t wanna- but I think its gonna stop

The weekend’s all riled up and taking drinks from my cup and, yeah, it’s wasted but mine
I think it’s taking a fine, they just arrested the month

Keep making the sound
Keep blowing my hat around
I know the wind don’t wanna- but I think its gonna stop
Track Name: Long Con
Cheapskate with a plan: live it while you can, but save up pennies for the big slots in the sky and say “I’ll spend my money all when I die.” But when you die, you die

She’s facing the ground, taking a good look at what surrounds her and it just don’t feel the same anymore but good things could be in store now, I’m free

You seem so sure but then a curtain gets drawn back to reveal that nothing in this life so far that happened was real
The other actors laugh and say “Hey, how does it feel to know you’re off of the hook? You did it all by the book and it’s a pretty nice deal!”

Keep taking the blame, living with the pain for sake of saving all our strength up for the end of the line
We’ll be flying freely in the land of divine
We save all of our strength up for the end of the line
People who have seen it said the scenery is prime
Track Name: In The Clear
Phone, keys, wallet
I’m out the door
I’d love to talk to you when I have some more time
If you need something to praise, we could build a monument for the abridged “Hooray!”
This watch has bills to pay, trading in hours for another day
Banished to a planet that is vanishing, standing in the shadows of a trash machine

Hope, faith, knowing, fear
Smoking gun, the end is near

Hope, faith, knowing, fear
Time stops, we’re in the clear

Lost track
We’ll trace it back counting every step because we cut the slack
Gotta keep a ship tight, sails raised
Gotta crack a whip to break a thin malaise
Piper’s in the valley with a broken reed
Knight is in the stable with a tired steed while all the peasants in the projects practice alchemy
I guess you’ve gotta cast a spell to break a prophecy

Hope, faith, knowing, fear
Smoking gun, the end is near

Hope, faith, knowing, fear
Time stops, we’re in the clear
Track Name: Trust
Trust is an apple and it’s just above someone’s true love’s head and if the aim is alright we might have a good night but if you’re down on your luck and the bow hand cramps up, well thats rough

Judging the blood I threw up I was drugged and I could piece it all together to find out who put something in my drink and I could call you up just to see what you might think

I could call you up, confide in your trust- but I don’t think you really wanna know that much cause the truth can be revealing and is painful as such

I don’t think you really wanna know that much cause the truth is never easy, always painful as fuck, fuck, fuck
Track Name: Flag
Blowing in the wind, long hair is flowing like a flag
Lets look it up, you type it in
The history is such a drag, or is it?
Inside and outside
Track Name: Wrong Turn
I saw smoke rising over the trees
Running for the car, fumbling with the keys
Pedal to the floor, howling like a hound
Listen to it purr and shift down, turned around, get out of this twisted town cause I know where theres smoke, theres fire and I’ve been feeling this heat for a while
The engine roars “Maybe we’d enjoy the great outdoors”

Way up down the road, locked all of the doors then I rolled down the windows and I yelled “My friends, we aren’t welcome here anymore! If the world’s gone cold, let us watch it burn and please don’t wonder why- let’s just assume we must have taken a couple wrong turns.”

But I know my true desire is to be one with the fire and if your not sure, well maybe you’d enjoy the great outdoors

O’re the fields we go
We bring lightning, we melt snow
Track Name: Slamming On The Brakes
A deer
A female deer
Crashing through the windshield, lips dry, eyes peeled
Retroactive slamming on the brakes
Praying for deliverance from a life of small mistakes
Delivery never come
We need a signature, my son
Surefire sign your time is done
Require the same from everyone
Track Name: Static Electricity
Don’t dive in without checking the depth before you swim
I know you wanna breathe under the water, an aquarian daughter, and feel what you can’t see like static electricity

Keep it coming up

Don’t buy in without checking the stock it’s look slim
I know you wanna live in California but everyone will warn you happiness is not free like static electricity

Keep it coming up

Keeps coming up that I keep coming back to flashbacks of backroads and thinking maybe thats where I’m supposed to be
Well let it ride back home to me
Let it ride, you know I’m coming home back to the land of the bountiful plenty

The course is set, we’re hightailing faster than a jet without a limit
A possible exhibit of airy-headed living or nostalgia perjury for static electricity

Keep it coming up

Keep coming up for air then going back down when I see a black cloud moving in just beyond a line of pine trees
Let it glide right over me
Let it glide, you know I’m coming home whether it’s bright and sunny, dark and stormy, or cloudy

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